Meet Our Team

Clary Flemming – President

Clary founded the company in 1971. Forty years later, his unwavering commitment and passion to meet the needs of the client has led the way.

Kirk Swales – Operations Manager

Since 1982, Kirk has been an integral component in the company’s longevity! He rules the studio! In fact he was the first in North America to deliver radio commercials to stations via the Internet. The learning NEVER stops.

Darcy MacPhail – Manager, Digital Services

Joining CF&A in 2003, Darcy has shown a great ability to hone his skills in various aspects of the company’s operations. His unique ability to communicate with anyone makes him an invaluable asset to us and to our clients.

As of October 2014, Darcy is now a Digital Signage Certified Expert!

Our Talented Associates

Mike Hanlon – Graphic Designer

Mike is President of Hanlon Marketing Design.

Craig Flemming – Music Writer/Producer

Craig works closely with the CF&A production team providing his music writing and production skills. Former lead singer of a popular celtic rock band, Craig has written and produced broadcast jingles for Foodland of the Sobeys group and Central Home Improvement Centers and background theme music for many television and video productions.

Dan Mailman – Project Manager

Ever the organized individual, Dan is a proven leader in taking a project by the horns and delivering a product exceeding expectations.

Barry Cowling – Creative Writer/Director

Barry’s creativity has come in very handy for CF&A over many years. Whether it be for TV, radio, or corporate video, he’s quite a wordsmith and proud to have his fingerprints on various projects.

Charlie Doucet – Creative Director, Camera Operator

Charlie’s talents have seen him on various shoot locations in directing nature specials, documentaries, TV programs, and various corporate endeavours.

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